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Visa d'entrée supprimé pour 90 pays

As of October 2015, nationals of 90 countries are eligible to visit Indonesia without a visa
Lovina sunset

L'Indonésie supprime le visa d'entrée pour ressortissants de 45 pays

Until recently, all visitors to Bali had to buy a visa-on-arrival at USD 35 per person (± EUR 30 / ± AUD 45) for a 30-day period. However, as of June, 2015, residents from the following 45 countries no longer need visa or visa-on-arrival to visit Bali.
Emirates touches down in Bali

Emirates: vols quotidiens vers Bali à partir de juin

Starting June 4, Dubai-based airline Emirates officially launches a daily flight from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to Bali.
Qatar Airways to boost flights to Bali

Fréquence de vols Qatar Airways augmentera à partir de juillet 2015

Starting July 16, 2015, Qatar Airways will upgrade flight frequencies to Bali to a twice-daily operation