Bali is a wonderful destination. Whether you plan to go to Bali for a beach holiday or rather to explore the island and to visit temples, rice paddies, mountains or jungles, there are a couple of things that you should always bring.

1. Valid passport 

In order to enter Indonesia you will need a valid passport, which is obvious. However be careful: Indonesia will not permit travelers to enter the country unless their passports will remain valid for at least 6 months after their scheduled departure. For some nationalities also a visa is required. Please make sure to have this if required. 

2. Bathing suit

Bali has beautiful beaches so bathing suits are absolutely necessary. Even if you don’t plan to come to Bali for a beach holiday, do bring a bathing suit. Most hotels and guesthouses will have a pool where it is lovely to cool down after a day of exploring the island.

3. Comfortable shoes and slippers

Bali is a fantastic island to explore. You can explore beaches and authentic temples but also make iconic walks in the jungle and famous rice paddies. Make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes for exploring the island as well as a pair of slippers for the beach. 


4. Sun protection 

Bali is near the equator so the sun can be very strong and you may easily get sunburned. Although more and more shops and pharmacies in Bali now sell sunscreen lotions, it is a good idea to bring your own products, adapted to your skin type. Don’t be stingy with the cream. You don’t want to get sunburn, which is dangerous for your health and can ruin your holiday.

Just like protecting your skin, you should also protect your head and eyes from the bright sunlight. Bringing a hat or cap and a pair of sunglasses is not a luxury but really needed.

5. Bug spray

If you plan to explore the jungle and the rice paddies, we recommend applying bug spray so that you don’t get bitten. In coastal areas you will need it much less but it ‘s always good to have it on hand.  

6. Clothes

Don’t bring too many clothes to Bali. Bali has a warm tropical climate. We advise to wear loose clothes made from natural material like linen or cotton. In most restaurants there is no strict dress codes.

Do keep in mind that for visiting temples, shorts and short skirts are not allowed. Most temples provide a ‘sarong’, a long skirt to fold over shorts if needed. A good idea is to buy a sarong. It is useful while in Bali and it is a nice souvenir when you head back home. 

7. Electronics adapter

You don’t want to run out of power just when you want to make that perfect picture so we advise to bring the proper power adapter on your trip! Be sure and double check that you have the right adapter before you leave. In Bali, the European standard plugs are used, so if you are coming from Europe, no need to bring any adapters. For other nationalities, I advise to check it before leaving. 

8. Must-have toiletries

We advise to only bring very specific products that you will need during your stay. No need to stack on basic things like shampoo, toothpaste or deodorants, as these are readily available in all major supermarkets and small family markets throughout the island.

It is more difficult to find tampons, so you may want to bring these if you require them during your stay. 

9. Photo and Video camera

Do I need to explain this? Bali is sooooo beautiful. You can’t help taking thousands of pictures. So do also bring extra memory cards because these will be full before you know it! 

10. Basic medication. 

Although healthcare is good and pharmacies have everything available, we advise to bring basic medication such as pain medicine in case you get a headache in the middle of the night and some 

medicine against travellers diarrhea or an upset stomach as these are quite common since food may be different to what you eat at home. 

And an extra tip when it comes to medication: if you are sensitive to colds (maybe because of the aircon in the plain), make sure to bring a de-swelling nasal spray as I experienced that these are not readily available in Bali. 

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