Speaking from the Heart: 5 Beautiful Balinese Phrases for Your Trip

While Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia, including Bali, learning a few Balinese phrases can be a nice gesture and greatly appreciated by the locals. Here are five phrases in Balinese:

Sugeng rawuh! (Welcome!)

This is a warm greeting to welcome someone.

Suksma! (Thank you!)

A polite way to express gratitude.

Sampunang? (How are you?)

A common way to ask someone how they're doing.

Punapi gatra sane agung, suksma. (May you have a great day, thank you.)

A courteous way to wish someone a good day.

Maaturan ajeng, dados miwah ngayah. (Goodbye, take care and be safe.)

A kind way to say goodbye and wish someone well.

Remember to say these phrases with a smile and an open heart. Locals will likely appreciate your effort to learn a bit of their language. Safe travels, and enjoy your time in Bali!

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